P A R T N E R  S H I P  =  L E A D E R  S H I P
Mechanical sector
- Special automatic machines.
- Belt,chain and shutters conveyors.
- Roller conveyors.
- Conveyors in general.
- Mechanical and pneumatics hands.
- Balancing machines.
- Automatic cutting-off machines.
- Trimming and cutting machines.
- Multi-spindle boring machines.
- Mechanical and hydraulics lifting units.
- Packing and packaging machines.
- Pots polishing machines.
- Automatic hot pressing machines.
- Trolleys and cars powered by linear motors.
- Loading and unloading lines for sintering ovens.
- Autoamtion for industry.
- Cutting,punch and die-casting moulds.
- Sintering moulds.
- Special numerically controlled machine-tools.
- Machines for ultrasound welding.
- Slitter.
Wood sector
- Complete lines for the production of chipboard
  and medium density fibreboard.
- Complete lines for the production of plywood,
  laminated boards and stripped panels.
- Short-cycle laminating lines with melamine papers
  in sheets and rolls.
- Complete lines for furnitures production.
- Coating and veneering presses.
- Special presses.
- Sanding lines complete with automatic stackers.
- Lines for the production of laminates and industrial
  laminates (master for printed circuits).
Automations sector
- Automatic systems for the handling of reels
  in the textile industry.
- Automatic lines for the assembling of household
  appliance,such as washing machines,refrigerators,etc.
- Automatic lines for handling and stacking panels.
- Automatic lines for the production of cement plates.
- Automatic lines for the electric components assembly.
- Automatic storing equipments.
- Unloading stacking and tipping devices.
- Sorting lines.
- Multiple axis manipulators.
- Prototypes drawing and bulding.
New technologies sector
- Plants for production of polyurethane foam.
- Plants for the preparation of resins for the chipboard
  production and paper impregnation.
- Furnaces for polymerization processors.
- Consultant's activity for the improvement of
  chipboard,short-cycle laminating lines and
  pressing lines in general.
Photographic sector
- Complete equipments for production of
  photosensitive films and paper.
- Complete equipments for emulsion
  preparation (double jet) and 
  multi-layers coating.
- Studies for existing plants modernization.
- Emulsion feeding lines.
- Complete systems for film converting.a
  and packing.