The company PRO.DI.MA. started its activity in 1982.
Young and dynamic enterprise,made of a group of designers fond of applied mechanics,PRO.DI.MA. deals with a great variety of problems ranging from the simplest production and assembling and equipment to the most complex manufacturing plants.
A simple look at the projects developed during years of activity is enough to point out the different areas covered by PRO.DI.MA.
Thanks to its various activities,PRO.DI.MA. represents a reference point for the technological research and the development of more and more modern production processes in the following technological areas:

- Wood sector
- Mechanical sector
- Automation sector
- New technologies sector
- Photographic sector

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P A R T N E R  S H I P  =  L E A D E R  S H I P
So often,the project starts from a simple idea,often confused and not defined,and on this idea the project leader starts to work on,trying to give it a shape,making it grow until it becomes a concrete thing.
All technical aspects have to be examined,selected,evaluated under many points of view,to finally decide the best solutions to choose,developing them in working plans.To do this,it's essential to join all the different experiences and abilities,to reach the best possible result.
Saying it in a word,it's the so called "equipe work".
Inside the working group,there's the chance to find many solutions in many aspects:kinematic,mechanical,pneumatic,hydraulic,electronical,only to talk about the main ones.
This store of knowledge,continuosly updated and improved,let us being for our customers not only simple "executors" and "suppliers",but more real precious "partners"
During the years,PRO.DI.MA. provided itself with most famous CAD softwares:
2D (HP Me10,Autocad 2004.Autocad Mechanical Desktop,Cadra)
3D (Autodesk Inventor,Solidworks e Pro/Engineer) .